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December 30th, 2014 in Thought for the month, What's new

Will your New Year be really new? …. If not, try a vision instead of a list!

With New Year coming up, we all have to ask ourselves whether the New Year will be really new, or whether it is just same old, same old. Will I have new attitudes, a new way of living, new goals, a new sense of what is possible? Or will I just have a new list […] Read more »

August 7th, 2012 in What's new

My new website

Check out my new website! Have I finally joined the 21st century? Read more »

August 6th, 2012 in What's new

The Janus Years

Wondering if the success you've achieved is actually giving you the life you want? Read more about my new project The Janus Years, with Stewart Mitchell and James Macsay. Read more »