Now or Never

I admit I’m getting old, or, should I say, I am at an age that I would once have considered old. And that means life feels very precious—time is limited and the magic and surprises not yet discovered may be too many for the time left.

So for me, it’s now or never to wake up from whatever illusions were clouding my life, and walk forward with clear eyes, a quiet mind, and a free spirit in the next bit of my life.

But maybe I’ve always felt like this—I’ve always known that time was limited, and always believed that it’s now or never.

This hasn’t been altogether good for me. It has meant that I’ve put myself under pressure, compared myself to others who seem to be moving along faster, felt my survival depended on being absolutely without error, speeded along until I burnt out, that sort of thing. And I always wanted to be where the action is, and in my mind, it was often somewhere else.

But now it’s different. So how is it different?

It’s as if now or never seems to be more to do with slowing down than with speeding up.

I think that’s because what I thought was now or never was the need to do more, accomplish more, experience more, get more, give more, and get it all more and more right.

And now it’s more about slow down, focus more, clarify more , learn more, love more , and get it all more and more how I truly want it to be.

When I say how “I truly want it to be” the I is not just my personal self, but that bigger Self that is connected to everyone and everything and yet has its own window on the world.

And the thing I most want, beyond my personal desire for a peaceful, content. loving and creative life,  is to be a tiny part of the movement to lift the consciousness of the world to a level where we are not en route to destroy ourselves, each other, and our planetary home. That’s where the action is now and from everything we read, it certainly is now or never.

Will you join me in this slow Now or Never walk?

Don’t ask how. First decide if you want to say Yes or No. Then we will figure out the how together.

After all, it’s now or never.