How coaching works

Should you wish to meet with me, either in person (if you live in or near London or Hastings or can get there) or by skype or phone, I offer individual Mind Heart and Soul coaching sessions.  These are aimed at helping you to understand what has been supporting you and what has been holding you back, to build new skills and attitudes into your life, as well as to negotiate any big changes in your life.

My approach

I will work with you to notice where you are in your life right now and to understand the underlying images and motivations that are creating your present map of the world, We will also focus on bringing the resources of your mind, heart and soul together to help you move forward. The emphasis is always on your strengths rather than your weaknesses, and particularly on working with the light of the soul (whether or not you think you have a soul!) and the yearnings of your heart, and to integrate these with the rational understandings of your mind.

After years of being a conventional psychotherapist, I find this approach quicker and more effective for helping people to make significant changes in how they feel, think and act, and to be able to support themselves to continue to learn and expand long after the sessions are over.

Thus, while I do not consider these sessions to be psychotherapy in the traditional sense of the word, they do build on my years as a therapist as well as my expertise with imagery and burnout, and tend to lead to profound insights and shifts which can bring together your mind, heart and soul.

Find out more about my approach.

How many sessions do I need?

The number of sessions you need depends on where you are in yourself and in life, and on what you want to achieve, as well as on what is feasible for both of us. I am happy to talk this over with you by phone or skype. These are some options:

  1. Turning Point Package (four sessions). These begin with three sessions (usually an hour and a half each), and then a follow-up session is scheduled three to six months later.
  2. Ongoing Sessions (an hour or hour and a half each) for as often and as long as we both agree is possible and useful.  These tend to range from six months to three years.
  3. One-off sessions: I occasionally do one-off sessions, if this is desirable, as if you have a single issue that you want some help to look at.

This means that you can choose to focus on a particular life change or turning point, or to work for a longer period to go deeper into understanding and transforming your understandings of who and what you are as well as your way of living.

As always, these options are guidelines only, and other permutations can be arranged between us if suitable.

Further Details

Turning point coaching:  four sessions

This package of four sessions is suitable if you have come to a point in your life when you think you would benefit from some help in negotiating a particular life change, either external or internal.  This may be a result of burnout, stress or illness, but may equally result from  new opportunities or events in your life. Find out more about turning points and new beginnings.

          This is an approximate map of the sessions, but they may go very differently depending on your needs:

Session One: to help you understand the events in your life that can be seen as catalysts for change. We will explore where you are now, where you’ve been, and where you want to go. Find out more about catalysts.

Session two: to open up to a new vision that expands your possibilities and moves you on to a new sense of yourself and life. Find out more about turning points.

Session three:  to look more clearly at how to go about building this into your life and into your attitudes. Find out more about new beginnings.       

          Session four: to review, integrate, and plan next steps.

Ongoing Sessions (variable number)

In these sessions we will work more generally to find out how to live from the inside out as well as from the outside in, and to create a life that is line with your highest sense of who you may be.  Rather like someone learning to ride a bike with stabilisers, you will eventually want to take off the stabilisers, and go  for it. You are always welcome to come back for a refresher session or sessions should the going get rough or confusing at any point.

One-off Sessions

Occasionally people want only one session because they are unable to spare the time or money for more, or want to have a taster or help on a particular issue, or are visiting the UK for a limited period of time. This can work if what you are looking for is a breath of fresh air, a new insight to shine a light on your life, a redirection of your energy, help with an important decision, or even a confirmation that you are already on the right track and it is time just to enjoy yourself!

Contact me to discuss options or to fix an appointment.