The stage of new beginnings starts when there is a resounding Yes. This Yes has to come before you actually know how you are going to do it.

Just say Yes

Saying Yes is a commitment to take what has changed within you into a new behaviour, a new attitude, a new way of living. If you are saying to yourself “Yes, but how?” you probably haven’t yet fully said Yes.

An unqualified Yes actually sets the next stage into motion. You open up to the intuitions, the research, the questions, the actions, and most of all the persistence in the face of difficulties that is crucial at this phase.

It can go a bit like this:

  • You acknowledge and accept where you are right now.
  • You decide clearly where you want to be.
  • You set an intention to go from where you are to where you want to be.

And this intention, like a magic carriage, gets you moving on your way.

The how

Next comes the plan, the steps, that will lead you there. Often the best way to see your route forward is to imagine yourself already in the future, already where you want to be, and then look back and see how you got there. This way you get the benefit of hindsight before you even set out.

It also helps to acknowledge to yourself what could stop you, or indeed how you might sabotage yourself. Then ask yourself: What do I need in order to get past this barrier? You are now prepared for the obstacles that could otherwise surprise you and stop you in your tracks.

Do I always need a plan?

Sometimes it seems as if you have walked into a new life without effort.  A new relationship, job, or offer to see the world has changed your life. That’s great, but it is not a new life until the turning point comes, the sense of an inner shift that in some way matches the outer shift.  This bit may or may not be effortless.

It often happens the other way, that the turning point is so powerful that you don’t need a plan, particularly if the new understanding is that you’re perfect as you are and you don’t need to do anything. So you may find yourself acting differently, doing things differently, taking different steps, and having different outcomes, intuitively and without effort. And the more in tune your inner life and your outer life are, the more you will find this happening.

Don’t knock it. Not everything takes effort and persistence. Some things come easy. Quite a new thought to some of us!

Your new life

All of this planning and then executing your plans–or not planning but just changing– is part of this final stage of new beginnings. This period ends when you suddenly realise that the building blocks are in place, there is a sense of resolution, your new inner attitude is there to enjoy, and a more stable path opens up.

This is your new life.  Relax and enjoy it!

After all, it may not  be long before the next catalyst gets you going again.

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