How the end of the world can be a new beginning

Are you feeling exhausted, hollow, cynical, trapped, angry or just not there? Working harder but getting less done? Ill too often for too long? Facing a life threatening illness that just doesn’t seem to make sense? Or do you know someone else who feels like this? These are some of the classic warning signs of burnout.  They also hold out the promise of a whole new way of life.

This groundbreaking book takes the revolutionary view that burnout is not a sign that something has gone dreadfully wrong, or that you are a failure, but rather that you’re on the right track, becoming more and more aware of what is right for you, but simply haven’t gone far enough. And it is not simply a work related phenomenon; you can burn out in  your relationships, or indeed your political cause, or any situation about which you feel passionate.  It is a sign that you have come to the end of a particular road, and you haven’t fully acknowledged it. Rather than being cured, it needs to be listened to.

Joy of BurnoutBurnout happens at work or at home when the meaning has gone out of what you are doing, but you have too much invested to stop and take notice.  Your soul is whispering but you are not listening.

If you soldier on, as perhaps you have been, you risk losing everything – including your health, your happiness, even your life. But if you listen to the message and take action, you can turn yourself around.

Burnout feels like the end of the world. It’s not. It’s the beginning of a new one.

“This practical and challenging guide uncovers the life-saving message hidden in burnout, and takes us step by step to joy.”

Angela Neustatter, author and journalist.