Develop your Personal Vision with ImageWork

Whatever you create in life begins as an image in your mind. What happens to your images next, and whether they work for you or not, is up to you. Why not learn more about this powerful tool?

Where you are in your life today has to do with the images you live by right now, often unconsciously. But  you have the power to tap into these images, transform them in the light of the present, and create new ones to take you into a new life.

What you can imagine, you can become.

Life Choices, Life Changes

In fact, the secret ingredient at the heart of all successful counselling, coaching, psychotherapy and visualisation techniques is the ability to understand and permanently transform the way we habitually see ourselves and others. Once we have done so, our lives begin to change as if by magic.

Imagery has the proven power to deepen and speed up any learning, healing, problem solving or creative process. Successful, highly skilled, healthy and creative people all use imagery naturally. Infinitely applicable to all areas of life–from self image, relationships, spirituality and health to work and managing money–this is the perfect all-purpose guide for anyone wanting the best out of life. ImageWork is not just about dreams coming true, but about being true to your dreams – and knowing what your true dreams are.

Life Choices, Life Changes is available as a book and as a series of audio exercises.