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Please note that I am now only selling audios to download in the shop and not books. The books are available through Amazon (link given) and other booksellers.

The ImageWork Handbook

This book will be available early in 2022.

Image of the cover of the book Into the Woods and Out AgainInto the Woods and Out Again
Into the Woods and Out Again: A Memoir of Love, Madness and Transformation by Dina Glouberman is published by Sphinx (2018). This book is an inspiring memoir that – with honesty and down-to-earth humour – invokes the essence of a remarkable time and place by a woman who dared to make her dreams a reality.
Available from as a paperback and for the Kindle.

You Are What You ImagineYou Are What You Imagine
A step-by-step guide from where you are to a new beginning, and a training in harnessing your imagination to listen to the whispers of your heart and soul.
Available from as a paperback and for the Kindle.


Life Choices, Life Changes
An all-purpose guide to understanding yourself and changing your life through Imagework.
Available from as a paperback and for the Kindle.


Joy of BurnoutThe Joy of Burnout
Burnout creates a wider range of issues than most people realise, yet healing from burnout is a wonderful path to living truthfully and joyfully.
Available from as a paperback and for the Kindle.


Audio downloads

It can be difficult to guide yourself through an image from a book. Why not  download an audio file, and let me guide you? These are also ideal for working with a group or to use as a training aid, and as a companion to the detailed explanations in the books.


Audio Spiritual Gym Exercises – Voice: Dr. Dina Glouberman – Recording, engineering and original saxophone music: Adrian North (2 hrs, 23 mins)

  • An Introduction: (11.36)
  • Spiritual Gym Exercise 1:  Where Am I and Where Do I Want to Be? (6.02)
  • Spiritual Gym Exercise 2:Wise and Loving Being (15.50)
  • Spiritual Gym Exercise 3:Image as Life Metaphor (15.19)
  • Spiritual Gym Exercise 4: Forgiving Life  (11.40)
  • Spiritual Gym Exercise 5: Biography of Self and Soul (5.49)
  • Spiritual Gym Exercise 6: The Golden Path Between the Opposites  (12.14)
  • Spiritual Gym Exercise 7:  Visioning Your Possible Futures (24.10)
  • Spiritual Gym Exercise 8: The Magic Cinema (10.52)
  • Spiritual Gym Exercise 9: Getting Practical  (14.35)
  • Spiritual Gym Exercise 10: Morning meditation and visualization  (16. 52)
Audio: You Are What You Imagine - Audio Spiritual Gym Exercises
A must-have accompaniment to the book with original jazz saxophone music by Adrian North.
Price: £17.50



These audio files represent most of the exercises in the book, Life Choices, Life Changes

Who am I – and what’s next?

This is an excellent introduction to using images to gain access to your own deep inner knowledge about yourself and your life. (You can download the exercise as an audio file.)

Audio: Image as Life Metaphor

This exercise is my own first port of call to understand and transform my feelings, my attitudes, my physical issues, or any problem situation. Simple, yet incredibly powerful.
Running time - 46:41

Price: £3.25

My inner child – and inner male and female

This is an opportunity to understand and integrate some vital aspects of your inner self so that you can feel more whole, more peaceful, and less alone. (You can download each exercise separately as an audio file.)

Audio: Befriending the child within (Exercise 1)

Here you will meet an ‘inner child’ or adolescent based on a memory from the past, see its relevance to your present attitudes, and find a new way forward.
Running time - 33:43

Price: £3.25

Audio: My inner male and female (Exercise 2)

Here you will meet an ’inner male’ and an ‘inner female’ who represent your own inner resources, as well as the way you relate to men and women in your life.
Running time - 36:53

Price: £3.25

Where am I going?

These exercises are based on the simple but very powerful ‘turning hindsight into forethought’ principle of making plans and decisions by putting yourself forward into the future and looking back to see what choices you did make! (You can download each exercise separately as an audio file.)

Audio: Exploring potential life paths (Exercise 1)

This exercise takes you on the path of your life to a crossroads, guides you down the years on the various paths and eventually lets you return to the crossroads and choose.
Running time - 31:37

Price: £3.25

Audio: Becoming my future self (Exercise 2)

This exercise takes you in your personal space/time ship into two possible futures - a happy and an unhappy one - and lets you send messages back to the present to make sure you get the one you want.
Running time - 41:37

Price: £3.25

Making life changes

These exercises help with making life changes or achieving the inner and outer goals that you really want and yet find difficult or impossible.  (You can download each exercise separately as an audio file.)

Audio: Achieving difficult goals (Exercise 1)

This exercise is wonderful for making changes in yourself or your life or for carrying out cherished projects.
Running time - 38:13

Price: £3.25

Audio: Time and money (Exercise 2)

Find out about those deeply held attitudes to time or money that are getting in your way – and what to do about them.
Running time - 37:25

Price: £3.25

Health and healing

This is for anyone who wants to feel more positively and glowingly healthy, whether you are actually ill or simply not flourishing. They are a must if you have health issues of any kind. (You can download each exercise separately as an audio file.)

Audio: The House of Healing (Exercise 1)

Discover your own House of Healing, meet a consultant and a healer, and find out what new choices you can make that really will make a difference.
Running time - 35:52

Price: £3.25

Audio: Listening to my body's messages (Exercise 2)

If you have a physical problem or concern, find out what is going on under the surface, and you may find the problem goes. This exercise can also help you with any other problem or concern.
Running time - 32:52

Price: £3.25


These exercises help you explore your relationships – whether personal or professional – through talking in your imagination to someone in your past or present with whom you are not at peace. (These exercises are only available to download as audio files.)

Audio: Transforming relationships (Exercise 1)

This exercise should help you with those relationships that you want to improve, perhaps because right now they make you feel tense, unresolved, angry, hurt or confused.
Running time - 45:32

Price: £3.25

Audio: Saying goodbye (Exercise 2)

This is about becoming able to let go and say a full goodbye when someone has died or left you, or when you have left someone (or need to do so but can't), or when you are full of resentment and bitterness.
Running time - 38:14

Price: £3.25

Choosing a long and happy life

This is about bringing a new and profound quality of health, happiness, and fulfilment into your life. (These exercises are only available to download as audio files.)

Audio: Choosing a long and happy life (Exercise 1)

This exercise helps you to look at your deepest feelings about living and dying, a subject which can often be taboo in our culture, yet is immensely enlightening.
Running time - 32:31

Price: £3.25

Audio: Becoming fully healthy (Exercise 2)

This guides you to see yourself first as you are now and then as you would be if you were fully healthy-and find out how to get from here to there. A simple exercise that may just give you the key that you’ve been missing.
Running time - 35:07

Price: £3.25

Beyond the personal self

Here you will be shown how to use images to transcend the normal boundaries of everyday self. This is really about making the spiritual dimension part of your everyday life. (These exercises are only available to download as audio files.)

Audio: Finding inner guidance (Exercise 1)

This gives you the opportunity to meet first a wise and loving guide, and then a shadow being who represents what you consider negative, but who probably has just as much to offer you.
Running time - 31:41

Price: £3.25

Audio: Tuning into others (Exercise 2)

Here you will practice “tuning in” or getting a deep sense of other people, or even animals and plants. You may then be able to understand what is going on under the surface, gain from their wisdom and insights, or send them healing energy and thoughts.
Running time - 43:45

Price: £3.25

Dreams as turning points

(This exercise is only available to download as an audio file.)

Audio: Dreams as turning points

This exercise shows you how to use your dreams to understand what shift you need to make in your life right now, and which personal quality or attitude can help you make that shift.
Running time - 35:57

Price: £3.25