Is it time for a turning
point in your life?

When our world changes within us or around us, we need a new way of seeing. If we are willing, that change can be a catalyst that points us to a turning point and a new beginning.

Turning points and new beginnings do not happen once or twice in a lifetime. They are a normal part of a fulfilling life.

They are always a risk. But not having them can be even riskier. Since neither we nor our lives ever stop changing, if we don’t find new ways of seeing and being, we can stagnate or worse.

I have identified a simple three stage process that can help you make sense of what is happening to you and guide you through potential pitfalls.  In brief, it is:

  1. The catalyst
  2. The turning point
  3. The new beginning

Are you facing a life change? Is it time for a turning point in your life or work?  Could a new beginning be just around the corner?

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You Are What You Imagine: Three Steps to a New Beginning Using Imagework

You Are What You Imagine

A compact programme for navigating yourself clear of your most stubborn life challenges, You Are What You Imagine is based on a three step approach to new beginnings and offers a way forward to using your imagination not only to change your own life but to benefit the world around.

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Will your New Year be really new? …. If not, try a vision instead of a list!

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Book & MP3s: You Are What You Imagine
Buy the book and Audio Spiritual Gym Exercises.
Price: £20.00
MP3: You Are What You Imagine - Audio Spiritual Gym Exercises
A must-have accompaniment to the book with original jazz saxophone music by Adrian North.
Price: £17.50
Book: You Are What You Imagine
A step-by-step guide from where you are to a new beginning, and a training in harnessing your imagination to listen to the whispers of your heart and soul.
Price: £5.50
Book: The Joy of Burnout
Burnout creates a wider range of issues than most people realise, yet healing from burnout is a wonderful path to living truthfully and joyfully.
Price: £8.00
Book: Life Choices, Life Changes
An all-purpose guide to understanding yourself and changing your life through Imagework.
Price: £8.00