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Did you ever wish you were an expert on you?

If this website has caught your imagination, or if you’ve heard about this work from someone who has benefited from it, or indeed if you have done one of my courses yourself, you will want to go further to understand yourself and guide your life. It is wonderful to become an expert on yourself–how your mind works, where you have succeeded or found joy and why, what has been difficult and why, where you have left your heart and soul far behind, and what you can do about it all. It is especially wonderful because no one else has the whole inside story but you.

Spiritual Gym

When people ask me the key to being emotionally, mental, and spiritually on track in life, my first response is that it is a practice. I call this practice the Spiritual Gym.  Just as you go to the gym to strengthen your physical muscles, so you need to have a regular practice to strengthen muscles like the Living Truthfully muscle, the Compassion and Respect , the Open Heart muscle, and so on. The muscles that keep us balanced, sane. happy and loving tend to be flabby and need exercise. No wonder you keep falling off your perch and getting in trouble. So practise, practise, practise.

Now what?

What to do next? Well there are several options. First of all you could do nothing and just think about it until you are ready to go a bit further. Alternatively you could…

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My books always combine both understanding and practice.

You are What You Imagine: Three Steps to a New Beginning Using Imagework is a step-by-step guide from where you are to a new beginning, and a training in harnessing your imagination to listen to the whispers of your heart and soul, find out what you truly want and then make it happen—whether it is love, success, health, happiness or changing the world.

You can download Chapter one for free. Find out more.

Life Choices, Life Changes is an introduction to using imagery in every area of your life to understand yourself and guide your life. Download chapters onto your computer.  Then you can also try out the exercises.

The Joy of Burnout is all about how and why we burn out, how to recognise whether or not you are burnt out, and what to do about.  It is very different from the usual discussion on work/life balance, and see burnout as a step on your path, rather than a failure. Again, you can download chapters and there are exercises for you try out.

You can download 5 chapters for free to begin to understand and explore what this is all about. Find out more.

Free: Download an Imagework Exercise

Try yourself out by finding an image. There are a few brief but powerful ones, which you can download as PDFs and try out.  If it is hard to do, try again; it may be a very new way for you to think and imagine and take practice. Find out more.

If you find it hard to do these exercises by reading them, you could buy a CD or download an MP3, and let me take you through it.

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If you want to know my hot-off-press insights from and about every-day life, why not read some of my blogs?

Free: Learn to Co-listen

Co-listening is the best way I know to train yourself in creatively talking and creatively listening to yourself and to others and to life itself.  Read all about Co-listening and if you like the idea, download a PDF to introduce you to how to do it.

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Get a complete introduction to how imagery can enrich your life in or find out all about burnout or have a new beginning in your life.

Into the Woods and Out Again  is an inspiring memoir that – with honesty and down-to-earth humour – invokes the essence of a remarkable time and place by a woman who dared to make her dreams a reality. Read more about it

You are What You Imagine: Three Steps to a New Beginning Using Imagework is a step-by-step guide from where you are to a new beginning, and a training in harnessing your imagination. Read more about it.

Life Choices, Life Changes is an introduction to using Imagework in every area of your life, complete with exercises to try out for yourself.  Read more about it.

Joy of Burnout is a life saving approach, again complete with exercises, to understanding burnout and its roots and the way to radical healing. Read more about it.

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Download an audio version of all the exercises in You Are What You Imagine. This is a pretty foolproof way to be led from where you are to a new beginning in your life. Read more about it.

Or choose from five CDs and sixteen MP3’s that will help you to look at a map of your life, explore your health, discover your inner child or inner male and female, find out where you’re going, or how to get where you already know you want to go.  Read more about them

This is for real, and it really works.  The CDs and MP3’s take you through relaxation to working with an image to explore an area that is close to your heart, with my voice guiding you all the way through.

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