Spiritual Gym Audio Exercises

Voice: Dr. Dina Glouberman

Recording, engineering and original saxophone music: Adrian North

This Spiritual Gym Audio Recording is a must-have accompaniment to You Are What You Imagine: Three Steps to a New Beginning. It can function as a stand-alone exercise series, but for best results, I recommend you use them in conjunction with the book.

With this audio recording, I will guide you through all ten of the Spiritual Gym sessions contained in the book, making it possible for you to relax and surrender while exploring the exercise.  It also makes it possible to work with a buddy or a group easily and effectively.  The moments of original jazz saxophone music by Adrian North add a note of joy and lightness without distracting from the exercises.

The recording begins with a general Introduction to the use of ImageWork, and to the three steps to the new beginning.  Exercises 1-3 accompany the first step; Exercises 4-7 the second step; and exercises 8-10 the third step. In each spiritual gym exercise, you will be led through a relaxation and an imagery exercise; instructions for a drawing or writing exercise in your Spiritual Gym Diary are also included.  In a few cases, a relaxation is not necessary.

The Spiritual Gym Exercise Tracks


This is a brief introduction to the power of imagery, the three steps to a new beginning, and the best and most effective way to listen to these audio exercises.

Spiritual Gym Exercise 1:  Where Am I and Where Do I Want to Be?

This exercise will help you create a metaphorical map of where you are now, where you want to be, what is stopping you, how to get past it, and what is your true nature. It is an opportunity to use colour to tell yourself a story that you know on some level but may not have become conscious of, or put together in this form.  You don’t have to be any good at drawing!

Spiritual Gym Exercise 2:Wise and Loving Being

This exercise is intended to help you understand the present situation you are in, and how best to deal with it.  You will start by looking at a difficult situation from the past from the point of view of a wise and loving being, and see how you got through it, and then do the same for your present situation.  This is a wonderful perspective from which to gain insights, support, and a direction forward.

Spiritual Gym Exercise 3: Image as Life Metaphor

This exercise involves inviting an image to emerge in response to a question and then working with the image that comes up. This exercise will help you to diagnose on a deep yet simple level what is really going on under the surface,  what has been stopping you from moving forward, and what your next step might be. Try doing this whenever you feel stuck and don’t know what is happening.  This is also one of the easiest ways to help friends and clients: Ask them for an image and help them work with it, or just play the audio for them.

Spiritual Gym Exercise 4:  Forgiving Life

Even if you have forgiven everyone in your life, you may not have forgiven life itself, and if so, this might be blocking your peace and joy.  This exercise is an opportunity to have a complete conversation with life, talking about the good things and the bad things, until you can forgive life—and life can forgive you!

Spiritual Gym Exercise 5: Biography of Self and Soul

Using the image of a large light to represent the perspective of the soul—and this works whether or not you believe in the soul—you will discover the difference between how you normally see yourself  and life, and how your larger self, or wisdom self views you and life. This can open a new window on life and living.

Spiritual Gym Exercise 6: The Golden Path Between the Opposites

This exercise is a wonderful one for looking at the ways you veer between extreme stories about yourself and life, perhaps from invincible to helpless, or from overwhelmed to shut down, and then finding a way to walk down the middle without any story at all, in a peaceful and happy way.  Use it again and again and find a new way to live in harmony with yourself.

Spiritual Gym Exercise 7:  Visioning Your Possible Futures

The major principle of visioning is that, instead of looking forward to see where you want to go and how to get there, which engages your rational mind, you set your intention and then jump to the future, experience it fully, and look back to see what steps you took or what attitude you changed in order to have that future. This gives you the best picture available to you right now of the life that is right for you and how to get there. You can use this for any time period, or for any event or performance you want to focus on.  Amazingly powerful.

Spiritual Gym Exercise 8: The Magic Cinema

This exercise will help you make changes you already know you want but may find difficult. You will imagine sitting in your own private cinema seeing a film of yourself as you are now, and then one of the future you, after you’ve made the change.  This works for any change, whether becoming more confident, or finding a partner, or starting a global business.

Spiritual Gym Exercise 9: Getting Practical

This exercise will help you to ground your vision in practical steps in the real world. The main principle is creating a time line, and then physically taking steps on the time line, with each step representing a step in your project.  You will also go to the end of the time line and really feel yourself having achieved the goal.  You will also be planning the details and the timetable. A real amalgam of visioning and practical map making.

Spiritual Gym Exercise 10: Morning meditation and visualisation

This meditation, plus the brief imagery exercise at the end, is a wonderful beginning to the day. It includes aligning your everyday personality with your soul or wisdom self, getting a message from an inner teacher or guide in the heart, welcoming the day, planning the focus of the day, and sending love. You should be ready for a happy and effective day after this!

How to use this audio recording:

  1. Please read the 8 tips to harness your imagination in Chapter two of the book, and keep going back to them when you do exercises.
  2. Be prepared to pause the audio at any point that you need more time. Everyone is different and so what is too slow for one person is too fast for someone else. \
  3. Take your time. Let yourself go with the relaxation, if one is given, because it does give you an opportunity to go deeper into the ImageWork exercise. But be aware that at any point you can open your eyes slightly and pause the audio or do what you have to do.
  4. If at the end of any of the exercises you’re feeling a bit spaced out, tell  yourself this: I’m going to count up from 1 to 5, and when I say 5, I’ll open my eyes, relaxed and alert, bringing the wisdom back with me, 1,2, eyelids lightening, coming to the surface, 3,4,5. Eyes open, I stamp me feet, and come back to the room,
  5. The materials you need will be mentioned each time. But in general have: a notebook or file that you really like, which we will call your ImageWork Diary, oil pastels or crayons, some paper, a pen, and  a computer if you prefer to type rather than write.
  6. You may want to do this with a friend, whom I will call your ImageWork buddy.  This will take longer, as you will be discussing things together afterwards, but can also be more powerful and more fun.  Find someone you can trust with your vulnerability as well as your power.
  7. Give yourself at least half an hour, and in the case of some of the longer exercises, up to an hour, to take your time and work through the exercises and to reflect on the results.  If you are working with a buddy it will take longer.  If possible find a quiet space where you won’t be intruded upon by phone calls or emails or other interruptions. Do not do them in the car while driving please.
  8. These exercises can be done again and again, and each time the images will be different and the learning will be new.

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