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Into the Woods and Out Again

An inspiring memoir that – with honesty and down-to-earth humour – invokes the essence of a remarkable time and place by a woman who dared to make her dreams a reality. Download the sample chapters:

  • Chapter One: Preface to Madness.
  • Chapter Seventeen: The Skyros Centre.
  • Chapter Twenty-Two: Atitsa is Born.

You are What You Imagine: Three Steps to a New Beginning Using ImageWork—free book chapter

A step-by-step guide from where you are to a new beginning, and a training in harnessing your imagination. Download Chapter one for free, to give you a map of the steps to a new beginning, plus an exercise to try out.

  • Chapter One: Seeing Your Way to a New Beginning

Life Choices, Life Changes – free book chapter

An introduction to using imagery in every area of your life to understand yourself and guide your life.  Sample chapters include:

  • Chapter One: The Dog, the Carrot, and the Samovar
  • Chapter Six: The Image as Life Metaphor: Who am I?  
  • Chapter Ten. Sensing Life Choices, Making Life Decisions: Where am I going?

The Joy of Burnout – free book chapter

All about how and why we burn out, how to recognise whether or not you are burnt out, and what to do about. Sample chapters include:

  • Chapter Three. Are You Burning out, Burnt out or Just Plain Sick and Tired: Steps on the Burnout Trail
  • Chapter Eleven. Neither Hope nor Hopelessness: Give up Hope and Keep the Faith

ImageWork – free exercise PDF’s

Try yourself out by finding an image. Here are a few brief ones, which can be downloaded as PDFs to try out:

  • The Image as Life Metaphor:
  • Dreams as Turning Points
  • Visioning the Day:
  • Making Changes the Lazy Person’s Way

ImageWork: Free exercise audios

  • Image as Life Metaphor: Short Form (10.06) – This exercise is a brief introduction to the basic ImageWork exercise which provides you with a powerful metaphoric map of where you are, what’s led up to this, and what’s next.
  • End of the Day Visioning (4.40) – This exercise is an introduction to the principle of visioning by imagining a good end of the day feeling and an unpleasant end of the day feeling, and looking back at how you got to these two very different futures. A great aid to getting hindsight at the beginning of the day. It can also be applied by adjusting the words to the end of a week, a month, or an important interview.

Co-listening – free introduction

The basic format is that one talks and the other listens, then they switch roles, and then at the end they give each other feedback. To get started, why not download a PDF with the basic principles for you to practice on your own.

Morning Meditation and Visualisation (free 12 minute audio)

(With thanks to Jennifer Page who recorded and produced this audio)

This morning meditation and visualisation complete with the sounds of a meditation gong is the best way I know to set yourself up for the day and, indeed for life. Imagine that you are there in the room with me and with other participants, and I am talking you through. Just relax and go along with us and see what happens. It includes aligning your everyday personality with your soul or wisdom self, getting a message from an inner teacher or guide in the heart, welcoming the day, planning the focus of the day, and sending love. Ohm, which we will chant occasionally, is a mystical sanskrit sound of Hindu origin which invokes a sense of oneness. You should be ready for a happy and effective day after this!

Do it every day for a month, and it may change your life.  And it’s only 12 minutes!

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