The Skyros experience

Skyros Holistic Holidays in Greece, Thailand, and Cuba, which I co-founded in 1979 and still co-direct with Dr.Yannis Andricopoulos, was the first alternative holiday centre in Europe. Skyros offers wide-ranging courses in beautiful locations with a unique community atmosphere. A central principle is the creation of “soul community” – a sense of belonging and authenticity such that everyone who comes can immediately feel at home and feel seen and recognised for who they are and who they are becoming.

Skyros quickly became internationally known as a kind of greenhouse for personal and spiritual development, as well as a cultural experiment in a creating a model for a healthy temporary society. It has been the subject of novels, films, short stories, and poems, featured in almost every major UK and European newspaper and magazine, and it started a trend in alternative and holistic holidays that spread throughout the world.  It has also been the starting point of life change, career change, geographical change, not to mention lots of marriages and new babies for thousands of the participants who have shared the Skyros experience.

Read more about my understanding of Skyros in my article, Skyros Soul. Download the pdf here

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