A groundbreaking training in working with transformational imagery

The course takes place online one weekend a month. It is now not available until 2025. But please register an interest if you wish to receive updates.

Dr. Dina Glouberman, visionary co-founder of Skyros Holistic Holidays, world expert in working with transformational imagery, psychotherapist, coach, international facilitator, and author, is offering her groundbreaking training course in ImageWork, or the Glouberman Approach, which harnesses the power of the imagination to promote healing, creative achievement, transformational insight, spiritual discovery and practical wisdom.

Dr Glouberman writes: “Put simply, the lives of our clients are the best they’ve been able to imagine. ImageWork offers a wonderful invitation to learn to imagine better.”

This course is presented along with her comprehensive ImageWork training book for practitioners, ‘ImageWork: The Complete Guide to Working with Transformational Imagery (PCCS Books), about which leading imagery author Martin Rossman has said “In my 50 years in the field this is the best book I have read about working with imagery for healing, creativity and personal transformation. A landmark book—I shall be studying it.” The book and the training course distil all that Dr Glouberman has learned through developing, practising and teaching this unique approach over 40 years.


  • You may in the first instance sign up for Module 1,  the Fundamentals of ImageWork, offered in the first two weekends, and you will receive a Fundamentals of ImageWork Practitioner Certificate.
  • After completing the entire 5 module 6 weekend course, including meeting with colleagues outside course hours to gain experience, and applying it to your work with clients, you will receive an Advanced ImageWork Practitioner Certificate
  • When you also write a paper exploring the application of ImageWork to your practice, you will receive the Diploma in ImageWork. The Diploma is presented by the Aurora Centre for ImageWork
  • In all cases, CPD credits are available for the hours you have done.
  • The course is online, but optional face-to-face groupwork experiences will be available.
  • Further details about the course are found below.

Who is this training for – and why is it so important?

This course is a specialist diploma course offered by the Aurora ImageWork Training Centre, for counsellors, therapists, coaches, consultants, supervisors, health professionals, and all helping professionals. It is intended to add a crucial, often neglected, dimension to their work.

All approaches to therapy or transformation, including physical healing and pain reduction, can be considered imagery approaches because thoughts, feelings, behaviour and wellbeing are grounded in the imagination. Deeply held taken for granted pictures of ourselves and the world which emerge from our earliest childhood to present day experiences guide our lives – often unconsciously. Transforming this powerful yet often invisible background imagery consciously with the help of the Transformational Imagination, and creating a new picture of self and world that is more life affirming, must therefore form part of any significant change process.

Much of what is referred to as neuroplasticity could as well be thought of as the plasticity of the imagination. ImageWork builds up this plasticity of the imagination to help create new brain maps that support positive change.

Most practitioners would agree that the more vivid is the image or memory picture that emerges in a session, the more powerful is the potential for transformation. Yet how do you make sure that you are getting the image to work at its powerful best? Ironically, because working with imagery is so ubiquitous, it has often been overlooked as a specific focus of training. This training aims to remedy this gap by training people in the approach and the very specific use of language that is most effective in working with the imagination, as well as providing a toolbox of over thirty scripts to choose from and to adapt.

Course Objectives

This course is intended to give practitioner students an overall understanding of how to understand and maximize the power of working with imagery, as well as a specific and practical approach to honing the skills of practitioners in this work. The book, ImageWork: The Complete Guide to Working with Transformational Imagery, serves as a textbook to accompany the course as well as being a stand-alone book. The course includes:

  • The building blocks of the pioneering Glouberman Approach which is interactional, mindful, democratic, holistic, and situated in a trustworthy community context as well as in a bigger picture of being human.
  • The theoretical and practical principles of working with the transformational imagination to promote insight and positive change most confidently and effectively
  • An understanding of how to create the context in individual and group work which enables the transformational imagination to flourish,
  • A specific focus on the various functions of ImageWork, namely healing imagery, creative imagery, and transcendent imagery
  • Over 30 scripts of ImageWork exercises to learn, adapt, and use in individual and group work plus a training in how to create new exercises to meet the specific needs of clients and group members.

Dates and Times

The following 2024 dates and times can give some idea of the calendar in 2025. Dates and times will be similar.

Fridays:16.00 – 19.30pm (UK time)
Saturdays:10.00 – 13.30pm +
14.30 – 17.30pm (UK time)
Sundays:10.00 – 13.30pm (UK time)
Total:14 hours


Module 1
19-21 Jan 2024
23-25 Feb 2024
Healing imagery:Module 222-24 March 202414
Creative imagery:Module 319-21 April 202414
Transcendent imagery:Module 417-19 May 202414
Integration and Deepening:Module 514-16 June 202414
Total Course:84 hours class contact

The learning is mainly experiential, in live interactive sessions, and includes general group work, practice pairs and threes, and working with individuals in the presence of the group. A recording of key aspects of the online sessions will be available to study afterwards.

There will also be regular small group practice and peer supervision sessions between course weekends.

Video Recordings of the sessions will be available to all participants for study afterwards, or in case you need to miss a session.

General Content

The first two weekends cover the fundamentals of ImageWork and the last weekend integrates and deepens the learnings of the course.

Some of the important topics to be covered over the two first weekends are:

1. Harnessing the power of ImageWork to access and transform the images that unconsciously guide our lives.
2. The theoretical context of ImageWork
3. Working with the plasticity of the imagination
4. Introducing the key practices and language of successful imaging
5. How to create a shared world of imagery, in which images are not treated as private but as part of a shared reality.
6. Demonstration and practice sessions throughout
7. Linkages with mindfulness and neuroscience

The three weekends in the middle each focus on one of the three different functions of ImageWork scripts: healing imagery, creative imagery, and transcendent imagery.

• The healing imagination exercises are used when there is a problem, an imbalance or disharmony on any level of the mind, body, emotion and spirit that needs transformation or resolution.
• The creative imagination exercises enable clients to find the goals that are right for them, to engage the will to carry these through, and to resolve problems and use our resources to best advantage.
• The transcendent imagination exercises enable clients to explore another more spacious dimension, to heal their relationship with life, death, and their deepest self and to find the balance and peace of a middle path.

Some of the important topics to be covered in the last weekend are:

1. Bringing together the threads of the course.
2. Deepening imagework skills, troubleshooting, and getting past impasses and stuckness.
3. Considering ImageWork in your own context.
4. Creating an inclusive and democratic individual and group culture that nourishes the imagination.
5. Introducing imagery to clients and group members in an empowering way so that they learn how to guide themselves and others as well as be guided.
6. How and when to move between conversation and imagination.
7. How to use an ImageWork script in a creative way that meets the needs of the situation.

Video Recordings of the sessions will be available to all participants for study afterwards, or in case you need to miss a session.


Fundamentals (Module 1: Two weekends, 28 hours)£585
Total Course (Modules 1-5: Six weekends, 84 hours)
Super Early Bird by Monday July 3, 2023£1525
Early Bird by Monday September 11,2023£1625
After September 11£1725

Deposit for booking: £185

A limited number of bursaries are available

Full payment is due on November 27. If paying in full is a problem, please let us know so that we can arrange payment by installments. In case of late payment without agreement, the Early Bird and Super Early Bird discounts may be waived.

For those who are writing a paper to qualify for the Diploma, an additional fee of £75 will be charged to go towards extra time involved reading papers.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation needs to be received by email to lynnljones@btinternet.com by the following dates:
Up to December 15: Only £185 deposit is retained.
After December 15:   100 % of the Fundamentals fees is retained.

After February 23 (4 weeks before Module 2), or once the course signed up for has begun: 100 % of total course fees is retained.

Course Participant Reviews

What can I say about Dina’s course in Image Work? I can say that you will learn tools to go deeper with clients, helping them to uncover what they really think and feel, and to find the way forward for themselves. The Image Work exercises you explore will give you the reassurance of a clear structure to use, but Dina will also encourage you to trust your own instincts and use Image Work creatively, responding to needs in the moment. Through the course Dina offers far more than the teaching a toolkit… she invites you to learn the language of a different world, where images have a life of their own. By becoming a participant in that world, you will come to know and trust yourself more, and become more courageous and sure-footed in guiding clients into their own inner terrain.

Dina’s warmth and humour enable an online group to quickly become a community of friends. As a teacher, she is all heart. When she works with someone in her demonstrations, it is as if she is holding a torch for them, holding their hand and staying by their side as they find their way out of the darkness. Observing this is something one could never get from a book… it has showed me in vivid colour the potential of Image Work and how it can transform and heal a person.
Heather J, Counsellor & Hypnotherapist

ImageWork is a powerful, surprising and fascinating method that I am adding to my coaching approach. It accesses things underneath the surface very quickly and helps clients find insights. I found the training with Zohar immensely enjoyable, packed with content, full of opportunity to practice and to masterclass with Zohar allowing us to tap into her years of experience. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in visioning and the power of the imagination.
Annette Humes, Leadership and Organisational Change Coach

Despite having a lot on in life I decided to start this course for two reasons:
1. Self Help. I find Zohar’s approach to image work has helped me enormously to manage challenges in my own life.
2. Professional development, and a new tool in my toolkit to help my own clients and develop new business. I’ve spent 20 years as a Coach and do a lot of work in wellness; I felt I wanted to freshen up my approach with something really innovative and useful for both existing and new clients. It’s not just the really useful and practical course content that’s great but how Zohar builds a great learning community of trust and fun whilst still delivering this very professional course. Her experience, wisdom and insights are wonderful. I’d definitely recommend her and the course!
Deirdre Cronnelly, Coach and Wellness Consultant

About Dina Glouberman

Dr Dina Glouberman is the visionary co-founder of Skyros Holidays, in Greece and worldwide, author of the classic books ‘Life Choices, Life Changes’, ‘The Joy of Burnout’, ‘You Are What You Imagine’ and ‘Into The Woods and Out Again’, and an international psychotherapist, coach, and world renowned expert in transformational imagery. Her upcoming book for practitioners, ‘ImageWork: the complete guide to working with transformational imagery‘ is available for pre-ordering now.

Formerly a Senior Lecturer at Kingston University, she has been a pioneer for over thirty years in creating, teaching and practising the use of Imagework to tap into the imagination that guides our lives, and make creative life choices and profound life changes (www.dinaglouberman.comwww.skyros.com). More recently, she founded and directs the Aurora Centre in southern Italy, where she offers trainings in ImageWork to therapists, counsellors, coaches, consultants and health professionals, and also facilitates ImageWork retreats.

She is a course leader on the Faculty of the MA (Clinical) in Psychotherapy of the Tivoli Institute in Dublin, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Humanistic Psychology (Britain).

Selected comments on working with Dina Glouberman

“Easily one of the best facilitators in the world today.”

Edward Boyne

Director of Training, Tivoli Institute, psychotherapist and writer

“When I did your course in Skyros in 1994, I nicknamed you the ‘Yehudi Menuhin of therapy’, and your work reminded me of a fabulous painting with a lot of fine brushstrokes. Now I feel you are actually the art gallery itself. Thank you for all.”


Writer, actor and group facilitator

“Dina Glouberman is the legendary founder of Skyros, an alternative holistic holiday on the Greek island, Skyros. If you ever get a chance to work with her, take it…. She is not just a gifted giver; she is one of nature’s true teachers.”

David Jenkins

Psychotherapist and author