Please note that I am now only selling audios to download in the shop and not books. The books are available through Amazon (link given) and other booksellers.

ImageWork: The complete guide to working with transformational imagery

A practical, concise and accessible training book for therapists, counsellors, coaches, consultants, supervisors and helping professionals, focusing on best to work with the imagination to enhance learning, health, creativity, or spiritual discovery.

This book is available to purchase online. The audio files for the exercises in the book can be purchased and downloaded from the ImageWork audios page.

Into the Woods and Out Again

Into the Woods and Out Again: A Memoir of Love, Madness and Transformation by Dina Glouberman is published by Sphinx (2018). This book is an inspiring memoir that – with honesty and down-to-earth humour – invokes the essence of a remarkable time and place by a woman who dared to make her dreams a reality.

You Are What You Imagine

A step-by-step guide from where you are to a new beginning, and a training in harnessing your imagination to listen to the whispers of your heart and soul.

Life Choices, Life Changes

An all-purpose guide to understanding yourself and changing your life through ImageWork.

The Joy of Burnout

Burnout creates a wider range of issues than most people realise, yet healing from burnout is a wonderful path to living truthfully and joyfully.

Read the recommendation by the author Harriet Griffey: