1. The long-term vision for Aurora

For more photos of the Aurora Centre and Monopoli, please see the photo gallery.

Why Aurora?

ImageWork is a method I’ve developed over many years of teaching people how to tap into their radical imagination – or what can also be called the genius imagination – that level that goes beyond the cultural imagination, is in our highest best interest, and is more universal.

The main purpose of the centre is to teach those of you working as therapists, counselors or consultants, how to help the people you work with tap into this deeper level within themselves using ImageWork.  To help you build an ImageWork toolbox from which you can help others harness their own inner imagery, enquiring into their inner world so that they can live and act more effectively in the outer world.  After many years of using ImageWork in my own psychotherapy practice, I am now hoping to share the practice with others through the education and coursework offered at Aurora, to help other professionals incorporate ImageWork into their existing practice and to add momentum to the spread of ImageWork in our community.  Over time, I hope that Aurora will grow into the community-oriented, experiential training centre I discovered deep in my own radical imagination.

Of course, we also extend this opportunity to those of you who want to explore the use of ImageWork in your own lives, and to do so alongside professionals who help others.   (If you are interested in exploring ImageWork in your own life, see information on our ImageWork Autum Retreat below).

The Importance of Community

Community has been one of the strongest motivators in building Aurora – both in terms of extending and growing the community of ImageWork practitioners throughout the world, and in setting the informal, friendly and relaxed atmosphere of community we love at Aurora.  Everything about Aurora is designed to make you feel at home – from the homelike atmosphere of the centre itself, to the sharing of casual, “family” meals centered on rustic, healthy Italian food created from locally produced, high-quality ingredients.  Join our diverse, yet like-minded community as we support each other in exploring the powers of the radical imagination and through a better understanding of others, simultaneously improve our understanding of ourselves.

2. Monopoli, Puglia – The Unique Home of Aurora

Puglia is a special place indeed. Tucked away in the sole of Italy’s boot, it is naturally beloved by Italian holiday makers but somewhat lesser known to the rest of the world.  The world flocks to the likes of Rome, Venice, Tuscany, The Amalfi, while the rustic, cacti covered, foodie paradise of Puglia remains somewhat undiscovered.  This sun-baked region of Italy has a rich culture of simple pleasures, long sandy beaches, beautiful coastline, and a delicious rustic cuisine.

Monopoli’s name belies its Greek origins – “monos polis” meaning unique, singular city.  Today’s Monopoli is a unique combination of bustling commercial center and charming historic center, with a long and prosperous fishing tradition.  Founded by the Greeks, taken over by the Romans and beset by various invaders, Monopoli was a thriving port down under the Byzantines and Normans.  In the 1400’s it was annexed by the Republic of Venice, and enjoyed a centuries-long affluence that put it in league with other maritime powers like Amalfi, Genoa and Venice.  It’s superb position in Puglia between the seas, made it strategic and prosperous.

Just near to Aurora’s waterfront location, the Porto Vecchio still harbors fishing boats as it has done for hundreds of years.  Visit the beaches and inlets where the colorful crafts are docked and where fisherman still mend their nets.  The Old Town where Aurora is located is dominated by its still-solid castle built in 1552.  Castello Carlo V was erected by the Spanish rulers of the time as a stronghold on the sea.  The other distinctly visible monument is the cathedral and its towering belfry that rises high above the town.  The cathedral is dedicated to the Madonna della Madia, who arrived here by sea on December 15, 1117, according to legend, on a raft bearing 31 wooden beams for the roof supports of the basilica.  The event is recreated annually during the patron saint’s celebrations.

The area is beautiful, with clear blue seas and miles of olives, orchards and almonds spreading out across the countryside just inland.  The coastline is approximately 14 km long, short and jagged with over 25 stunning coves and sandy public beaches.  Monopoli is near Polignano a Mare, Ostuni and Alberobello, and is equidistant from Bari and Brindisi, both just 45 minutes away.

For more photos of the Aurora Centre and Monopoli, please see the photo gallery.

3. ImageWork Autumn Retreat – October 2-6, 2023

Welcome to this opportunity to step back and revision your life in the company of like-minded people, in the charming Puglian old-town of Monopoli, held in a beautiful venue overlooking the sea.  Our ImageWork Autumn Retreat at the new Aurora Centre is open both to those who have experience with ImageWork and those interested in exploring together with Dina for the first time, and is suitable for practitioners training in ImageWork and non practitioners alike.

Our theme this autumn is The Alchemy of ImageWork

ImageWork is a unique, safe and empowering way of harnessing your own inner imagery to enquire into your inner world so that you can live and act more effectively in the outer world.  You can learn to use imagery to enhance every aspect of your life, personally, professionally, creatively and spiritually.

You will be able to emerge from this course with the clarity and confidence to take your next step in life. You will also have a magic box of tools, indeed a new way of thinking, that you can use to understand, protect, and guide yourself, not just during the workshop but for the rest of your life.

Join us and explore the surprising insight of your genius imagination, enjoy the warm and loving support of our ImageWork community, and experience the beauty and tastes of Puglia.

Venue:Aurora Centre for ImageWork
Dates:October 2-6, 2023 Monday to Friday
Course cost:£565 (£525 Early Bird price if booked before June 26,2023)

This course is normally fully booked months in advance, so don’t delay. For further information and booking, please email ­ Lynn at lynnljones@btinternet.com.

5. What people wrote about our Autumn retreats

The venue:

“Beautiful. Wonderful to be by the water in such a lovely environment.” DM

“Very beautiful with an amazing view over the sea. Having the rooftop for eating and chatting was ideal”  KG

“Stunning, and the perfect space to have welcomed us all.” JWS

“A wonderful and welcoming house.” AB

“Excellent. Beautiful space to work in. Welcoming.  Lovely to be welcomed with an aperitif!” RS

“Amazing, beautiful.” PJ

“Stunning, a real retreat”  YH

Monopoli Town:

“Lovely cafes, bars and restaurants. It felt safe to walk around at night(was brightly lit at night and lively) The beaches aren’t far away and the water is clear (like the guide book said it would be).” KG

“Monopoli is a charming town, the perfect location. I appreciate the closeness of the beaches. Wonderful to swim in October.” JWS

“Full of character, friendly people, near the beach….great” LV

“Five stars. Beautiful. Lovely to discover. Feels very welcoming, relaxing, safe.” RS

“Wonderful,. Peaceful.  Safe. Welcoming. I’m coming back!” PJ

The course:

“Challenging, joyful, stretching, enlightening.” DM

“I never thought images and visualisation could be so powerful” MV

“Enlightening and well organisation, an incredible experience.  What a fantastic group of people. The atmosphere was supportive and loving, a safe and positive space. A possibility for a high level of transformation in a short amount of time.” JWS

“Excellent.  There was a good balance of guided work and open circle.  The group felt very safe.” LV

“What I expected and more. Safe, sacred space to explore. I loved the focus on gentle awakening.” RS

“Dina at her best. Pure love. Participants unfolding and flowering. Unfolding magic.” PJ

For further information and booking, please email ­ Lynn at lynnljones@btinternet.com