Introduction to ImageWork: January-March 2024

A five-part online course hosted by Onlinevents.

If you can imagine it, you can create it. ImageWork is an invitation to learn to imagine better.

This course is an introduction to working with ImageWork, the cutting-edge approach to harnessing the power of the imagination to promote positive change. Whether focusing on health and healing, creative achievement, transformational insight, or practical wisdom, practitioners worldwide use ImageWork to multiply and deepen the effectiveness of their work.

The course is open to practitioners, including psychotherapists, counsellors, consultants, coaches, supervisors, spiritual directors, and health professionals, and also to those who are not yet practitioners but wish to explore the possibilities of working with the imagination for themselves and for others. Whether you are experienced in ImageWork–or even have taken the Diploma in Imagework– or a complete beginner, this course will take you to a new level.

ImageWork focuses on three aspects of the imagination: the Healing Imagination, the Creative Imagination, and the Transcendent Imagination. All three will be sampled in this Introduction to ImageWork.

The course takes place over 5 Friday afternoons, 2.30-5.30 pm, on January 26, February 9 and 23, March 8 and 22, 2024. Each session can be taken as a stand-alone, and you sign up for one at a time, but taken together the 5 sessions provide an in-depth introduction to some of the approaches, skills, and scripts that you will need to work with ImageWork. All the sessions are recorded and are available to buy.

The guide price for each of the above events is £50.00. However, Onlinevents operate a radical inclusion policy with a self-select fee so that you are free to contribute what you can. Please book via Eventbrite.

Discount on Further Training: those who take all five sessions will be eligible for a discount of £95 for our in-person Fundamentals of Imagery training course on May 6-10, 2024 at the Aurora Centre for ImageWork in Monopoli, Puglia, Italy. See below for further details.

Students will find it invaluable to accompany the course with Dina Glouberman’s comprehensive training book for practitioners, ‘ImageWork: The Complete Guide to Working with Transformational Imagery‘ (PCCS Books, 2022). All of the scripts in this book are also available as audios to download and experience in your own time at  home.

Part 1: 2.30-5.30 pm, on January 26

Unlock Your Imagination: Transform the Images that are Running (or ruining) Your Life—and have a truly New Beginning
Script: Image as Life Metaphor

Learn to tap into the images that are running your life, or your clients’ lives—often in precisely the wrong direction– and to create new images that take you where you really want to go. This all-purpose imagery exercise offers a map that makes sense of whatever is going on at work, at home, or in relationships, and shows how to move beyond it. This exercise is also a training in listening effectively to the deepest whispers of your own–and your clients–heart and soul. Image as Life Metaphor is my own go-to exercise for myself and for clients whenever we feel confused or stuck.

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Part 2: 2.30-5.30 pm, on February 9

Empathy Unveiled: Use Imagery to Discover the Hidden Perspective of Other
Script: Improving Relationships

One of the most powerful uses of imagery is to learn to fully inhabit and understand the perspective of others. In the exercise on Improving Relationships, we will not only speak from our own position, but also step into and embrace the position and perspective of the person we have the relationship with, as well as the position of someone who could love, understand and respect both of us. Once we have fully understood ourselves, each other, and the relationship, it is possible to resolve issues that were impossible to deal with before. This session is also a training in being able to fully inhabit other positions and perspectives, and indeed to experience first-hand what it is like to walk in someone else’s shoes.

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Part 3: 2.30-5.30 pm, on February 23

Heal From Within: Access Your Inner Consultants and Healers Through Imagery
Script: The House of Healing

Healing is a multidimensional process that brings together mind, body, emotion and spirit. It is not just about curing an illness or solving a problem, but about getting to the heart of the matter that is creating a disharmony, and finding a way through. To do this, it helps to tap into your inner healers, guides, and wise beings.

A wonderful way to do this to visit your own House of Healing. You will talk with the House itself and meet a consultant/healer who will help you find out what is at the root of your disharmony, and what is the path to healing. You’ll even get to sit in a Throne of Truth and to get a gift from the House.

As you guide clients to visit their House of Healing, you give them the great gift of learning to access their own inner wisdom and healing.

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Part 4: 2.30-5.30 pm, on March 8

Future-proof Your Life: Imagery for Visioning the Future You Want and Finding Out How To Get There
Script: Space and Time Ship

If you want to live your best possible life, and help your clients live theirs, it helps to know not only where you want to go, but where you really don’t want to end up. The Space-and-Time Ship exercise enables you to go forward a year or more, and vision two possible futures, one in which you feel great because you’ve honoured your true self, and one in which you feel awful because you’ve abandoned or neglected your true self. Then you look back and see how you got to these two futures, and decide which path you want to take.

Most people find that the way to the negative future is just to go on exactly as you are. Amazingly, the unhappy future often seems quite alluring because it is so safe and familiar—which explains a lot about why we sometimes end up making the same old mistakes!

This visioning exercise not only shows the way forward, but gives people the profound and hope-filled understanding that they do really have a choice. This was the exercise that enabled me to write my book ImageWork in the middle of the confusion and shock of covid and lockdown. Your clients will love taking this magical trip.

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Part 5: 2.30-5.30 pm, on March 22

Living Spaciously and Finding Freedom: Imagery for a Renewed Relationship with Life
Script: Living at the Centre of Your Life/The Boat

At a time when there is so much uncertainty in our lives, we may wonder what is really important, what we can do without–and what it would take to live comfortably and peacefully at the centre of our lives.

It helps to begin by acknowledging all the people and things that seem so important that you believe you can’t live without them. Can you dare to imagine what it would be like to let them go and discover who you are in relation to life itself? Once we’ve done that, we are free to live at the centre of our own lives and make a new choice if we so wish. This is what this very powerful Imagework exercise is all about.

This exercise is perfect for people with a tendency to burnout, who tend to drive themselves forward on a path that is no longer right for them because their identity is tied up with the old path. More than that, it is a powerful experience for anyone who wants to find a greater wisdom and understanding of who they really are.

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Discount on Further Training: Those who take all five sessions will be eligible for a discount of £95 for our in-person Fundamentals of Imagery training course on May 6-10, 2024 at the Aurora Centre for ImageWork in Monopoli, Puglia, Italy. See below for further details.