This page list blogs written by Dina Glouberman.

Laughing with Sue Townsend

One of the funniest anecdotes that Sue told me was about the time she was mugged.Some young man pointed something at her, which she thought …
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The Holistic Imagination

Spatial awareness is not my strong point.  When I was taking driving lessons, my driving teacher thought I seemed confident as I drove out, and …
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You Are What You Imagine

There is no way to the imagination; the imagination is the way.We do not so much need to develop our imagination, as to understand that …
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The Now or Never Challenge

Two years ago I took up my Now or Never Challenge. I felt I was wasting my time with too little creativity and too much …
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Now or Never

I admit I’m getting old, or, should I say, I am at an age that I would once have considered old. And that means life …
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