This page list blogs written by Dina Glouberman.

Skyros morning

Skyros dwells in the border between imagination and reality, and the remarkable meetings, and fresh new visions are all part of it.
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The Janus Years

Wondering if the success you’ve achieved is actually giving you the life you want? Read more about my new project The Janus Years, with Stewart …
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The Third Insight

How can I love life when things are not that great? It’s to do with the miracle at the centre, which is what my third …
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The second insight

My second insight was all about pain and joy, and it got me singing some new words to an old Beatle song.
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The First Insight

There are moments in life when the old way of seeing just won’t do. It is too painful, too small, too out of date. Recently …
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Pain and Joy

It is considered a truism that we seek pleasure and joy and avoid pain. But the story is not so simple as it sounds. This …
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