2020 Calendar at a Glance

March 21-22: Imagination and Transformation: Tivoli Institute, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland.  Details below.   Places are very limited so book soon.  To book:  Phone +353 1 2809178    or Email

April 2-5: Spring Retreat: Douai Abbey, near Reading.  Details below.  Since this is almost full, do write to Lynn to book as soon as you can.

July 19-Aug. 1  Visioning Your New Life: 2 Week Workshop at the Skyros Centre, Skyros Island, Greece.  See below: Skyros Centre Course. Further details and booking to follow.

Aug.2-Aug. 9  New Beginnings: One week workshop at Atsitsa, Skyros Island, Greece. Further details and booking to follow.

May/June (dates to be confirmed) : Sustenance for the Weary Campaigning Soul: Monopoli, Puglia, Southern Italy. See below for details.

September 30-October 4, 2020: Autumn Retreat: Monopoli, Puglia, Southern Italy. (See below, Monopoli, Italy) 


UK and Ireland 2020


Spring Retreat, Douai Abbey 

Our Imagework community celebrates each spring by coming together for a retreat and a revisioning, facilitated by Dina Glouberman. It is held at Douai Abbey, a beautiful restful place in lovely grounds, near Reading.  It is a great opportunity to step back and revision your life in the company of like-minded people. If you have done any Imagework at all, do feel yourself welcome.

  • Venue: Douai Abbey, Upper Woolhampton, Reading RG7 5TQ
  •  Dates and times: April 2-5,2020, Thursday 6pm to Sunday 2pm.
  • Course cost:  £325 (Early Bird £295 if booked with a £50 deposit by December, and paid in full by February 3)
  • Accommodation and Full Board: £215
  • Total Cost: £540 ( Early Bird: £510)

Imagination and Transformation, Tivoli Institute, Co. Dublin

 The most effective time for transformation and new beginnings is the moment when the winds of change are already blowing in one’s life. Burnout, stress, crisis, confusion, loss, illness, major change: these are all words that let you know that you need to stop, orient yourself and listen to your inner wisdom before you can take your next step. If you are a therapist, counsellor or consultant, this is the time in your client’s lives that they turn to you for help and are most open to receive it.

This workshop focuses on the three-stage process of transformation: catalyst, turning point, and new beginning. We will be working with imagery at each point to go below everyday thinking and old assumptions to your own unique view of reality.

Using imagery has the power to deepen and speed up any learning, healing, problem solving, or creative process. You will learn to tap into your “genius imagination,” or “radical imagination” to get a vivid and accurate snapshot view of where you are right now, what has led up to it, and what is possible—as well as to support you to say Yes and map out steps to a new future. In so doing, you will also gain the tools to continue this learning in everyday life or to work more effectively with clients.

This workshop is suitable for people seeking life change, as well as for therapists, counsellors or consultants seeking professional development. It can offer clarity and confidence in your own life, as well as a powerful way to facilitate change in others. It has the added bonus that clients can take these methods into their own lives to continue their own transformation, and so can you.

CPD certificates are available. Dina Glouberman’s book, “You are what you imagine: Three steps to a new beginning using imagework” as well as the MP3 download of all the exercises ( can serve as a text and further training for the workshop.

  • Venue: Tivoli Institute, 24 Clarinda Park East, Dun Laoghaire
  •  Dates and times: March 21-21, Saturday 10-5; Sunday 10-5
  • Course cost:  To be confirmed ( Discount for Tivoli graduates or current students)
  • Phone +353 1 2809178 or Email

To register or enquire about events

Please email to ask for further information or to book for the Spring Retreat

Skyros 2020

Skyros Centre Course:

Visioning Your New Life

July 19-August 1

Are the winds of change blowing in your life? What are they whispering? Are you willing to listen? If so, this course is for you.

You may be feeling burnt out, stressed, or stuck. Or you may be confronting crisis or change. Either way, such times demand that you step forward into a bigger picture of who you are and where you are going.

An interesting spiritual tradition says that when we are living our everyday lives in an everyday way, the soul just rests or even sleeps. But when we are in crisis, or looking for change, or wrestling with something that our ordinary mind doesn’t quite know how to deal with, the soul wakes up. And then life begins to move to a whole new level.

Is this what you’ve been yearning for? If so, you need to stop, listen to your soul’s whispers, look at what reality is telling you, find out where you want to go, and then get to a Yes. 

Saying Yes is a commitment to take whatever is brewing within you and around you into a new behaviour, a new attitude, or a new way of life. An unqualifiedYes sets the next stage into motion, opening you to the intuitions, research, actions, and persistence in the face of difficulties that make it possible to vision and create your new life.

This is what Visioning Your New Life will help you do.

In this course we will be working with imagery and visualisation to:

  • Recognise the catalyst that can start you moving in a new direction
  • Get a vision of the future that would be right for you
  • Say Yes
  • Map out the steps to your new future, and take a leap of faith into a new reality.

This is also a crash course in working with your ‘genius imagination’ so that you can be your own consultant, therapist, and wise guide. The secret is to educate your imagination to bring together the spiritual and the practical – learn to attend to the whisperings of your heart and soul while being grounded in the real world. 

Since you are what you imagine, if where you are is not where you want to be, why not learn to imagine better?

This course is suitable for complete beginners in imagery and visualisation as well as for those who are experienced in using this approach.

Prepare to be surprised. Your images by their very nature don’t always tell you what you expect; rather they will show you what you know deep down inside but haven’t yet told yourself, and they always point the way to transformation.

You will be able to emerge from this course with the clarity and confidence to take your next step in life. You will also have a magic box of tools, indeed a new way of thinking, that you can use to understand, protect, and guide yourself, not just during the workshop but for the rest of your life.


You have changed my life and helped me to have a second chance at living and being happy. Recent course participant.

These courses are based on my books, Life Choices, Life Changes, The Joy of Burnout, and You are what you imagine  as well as my memoir  Into the Woods and Out Again: A memoir of love, madness and transformation. Don’t forget you can always get free downloads of book chapters or MP3s of imagery exercises, or buy any of my books or MP3s of imagery exercises on this website.


Monopoli, Italy, 2020

Puglian Centre for Imagework Therapy, Coaching and Consulting
Director: Dr Dina Glouberman


The Imagework Autumn Retreat – Sept 30–Oct 4,2020

Imagination and Transformation: Is it Now or Never?

Welcome to this new opportunity to step back and revision your life in the company of like-minded people, this time in the charming Puglian old-town of Monopoli, held in a beautiful venue overlooking the sea. Our Imagework Autumn Retreat is the very first at the new Aurora Centre, and is open both to those who have experience with Imagework and those interested in exploring together with Dina for the first time.

Imagework is a unique, safe and empowering way of harnessing your own inner imagery to enquire into your inner world so that you can live and act more effectively in the outer world.  You can learn to use imagery to enhance every aspect of your life, personally, professionally, creatively and spiritually.

You will be able to emerge from this course with the clarity and confidence to take your next step in life. You will also have a magic box of tools, indeed a new way of thinking, that you can use to understand, protect, and guide yourself, not just during the workshop but for the rest of your life.

Join us and explore the surprising insight of your genius imagination, enjoy the warm and loving support of our Imagework community, and experience the beauty and tastes of Puglia as together we celebrate our first retreat at Aurora.

For photos of the Aurora Centre and Monopoli, please see the photo gallery.

Venue: Aurora – Puglian Centre for Imagework Therapy, Coaching and Consulting
Dates: Sept. 30-October 4, 2020, Wednesday 6.30 pm to Sunday 10.00 am
Course fee  £425 (£375 early bird price if booked before June 1)
Accommodation and breakfast (plus Welcome Wednesday evening antipasti on our terrace): £220 (4 nights own modern apartment, en-suit, in historic old town plus full breakfast)
Total Cost (as for 2019): £645 (£595 if booked before June 1)
(Including course fee, accommodation and breakfast, but excluding transport)

For further information, see Aurora Centre

To book, or to enquire further,  please email ­ Lynn at

Please note: Last  year, this course was fully booked months in advance, so do get in touch and confirm your booking as soon as possible.

Sustenance for the Weary Campaigning Soul

Sustenance for the Weary Campaigning Soul
May/June 2020 dates to be confirmed
With Dina Glouberman and Raj Thamotheram
Are you an activist feeling at risk of burning out or already burnt out–or “just” wanting to learn how to be more resilient?

Despite the untiring work of progressive activists like yourself, the trends on many fronts – climate, refugees, populism, LGBTQ rights – are alarming. How can we nurture personal resilience in the face of overwhelming odds?

Join us at our beautiful venue by the sea in the historic fishing town of Monopoli, Puglia. Step back, in the company of like-minded campaigners, to revitalise your life and work.

You will learn how to tap into your “genius imagination” to understand and guide your life, working with Dr. Dina Glouberman, one of the world’s leading experts on Imagework and on burnout. You will also benefit from Dr. Raj Thamotheram’s years of effective social change activism. 

Equally important, you will build bonds of trust with campaigners who are from different countries and may be working on different issues but who struggle with some of the same personal issues. And you will have time to rest and re-charge in this wonderful setting.

The course is being offered gratis except for a sliding booking fee of £75. This is a gift from the course team, who are unpaid, and who want to support talented campaigners and help them thrive.  

Participants are responsible for their own accommodation and travel costs. We can make a recommendation for apartments at €45-50 per night including full breakfast.

Bursaries may be available depending on donations – please enquire.

Please note that there is an option to go by train for those who do not want to fly. From London St. Pancras to Monopoli, going out on Oct. 14 and returning Oct. 21, you can expect 4 changes  (Paris, Milan, Bologna, Bari), and the return cost is £285.

There is also an option to camp at a campsite a little further down the coast, at about €7 a nite, and to hire a bicycle.  Please see

For an application form, please contact:

Switzerland 2020

The Janus Years Programme (date not fixed; contact us if you want to be notified about courses)

Facilitators: Dina Glouberman, Ph.D, Stewart Mitchell, MPhil

The Janus years are the years, often around what is called mid-life but not necessarily, when you have achieved a measure of success or fulfillment in your life, but are beginning to suspect that all is not completely well, and consider that there may be a need to to review the past, understand where you are now,  and revision the future so that it is more in line with the person you have now become.

This course will support you to negotiate the Janus Years more comfortably, productively, and wisely and to take charge of your life in a new way. It will offer you skills in imagery and visualisation, bodywork, health management, and voice work to take home with you into your life as well as a new map of the territory of your life.

The programme which includes one day sessions, weekends, and individual consultations is designed to help you to take a cool look at how your life is going and to acknowledge where it is working for you, and where it is not resonating with the whispers of your heart and soul. It’s an opportunity also to use the experience and wisdom you have gained in your life to look back, honour and appreciate what what has brought you to this point, to see where you are now, to vision a future that offers you whatever it is you have been missing, and plan your next steps.

This review and revisioning can apply to any  area of life, including work, family, and other relationships, as well as give you a map of your life situation as a whole and where it is leading.

Continuing participant-only support groups will also be set up.

Further details will be posted here.  Or express your interest on Contact Me, and we will add you to the mailing list.

Bios of Course Facilitators

Dr. Dina Glouberman: Please go to Who I am and What I do

Stewart Mitchell  B.Phil. is a Naturopathic  practitioner with over 30 years experience in Europe, the USA and India. Now resident in Zurich, he maintains a practice and self-help programme – the Naturopathic Gym – for individuals and organisations.  A frequent keynote speaker, Stewart is the author of three best- selling books on well-being, The Healing  Power of Nature, The Healing Power of Touch, and Yoga Shastras. Stewart is also a former restauranteur and his business acumen contributes to his approach.  In his experience, symptoms of stress or disorder are undercover agents for reform; managed sensitively, we emerge physically regenerated and spiritually renewed.


What course participants say

” Easily one of the best facilitators in the world today.”  Ed Boyne, Tivoli Institute, Co. Dublin, Ireland

“When I did your course in Skyros in 1994, I nicknamed you the ‘Yehudi Menuhin of therapy.’..” Vivienne

Read comments by course participants

Tailor Made Courses

Would you like me to run a course where you live or where you work?  Can you organise one and invite me?  Contact me and let’s see what we can cook up.